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Perfect Pave is one of the leading paving companies in the Free State, and has been since 1992. We have a very dedicated and trained team of workers, that consists of 8 paving teams. Every team has its own leader who is responsible for the quality and speed of every contract to ensure customer satisfaction. Two supervisors oversee all work done by the teams, and the owner Charles is assisted by Wessel to assure cleint satisfaction.

We as contractors know that there is always problems that will need fixing, and its only human to make mistakes. Exactly that gives us the edge as we will not leave a site if the cleint is not 100% satisfied, even if we have to go back should there be a problem after completion.

Perfect Pave has been involved in numerous big projects, a few examples :

  1. Clarens Golf and Trout estate
  2. Clarens mountain estate
  3. Bloemfontein Waterfront
  4. Old Apostolic Church LHP
  5. John Williams LHP
  6. Ems building UFS
  7. Intermodal facility Bloemfontein
  8. Sewe Damme retirement village

Some of our regular cleints :

  1. Jota Construction
  2. CUT Bloemfontein
  3. SANDF
  4. HEG Properties

Perfect pave is definately the number one choice when it comes to quality  and peace of mind paving. Our quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

Paving Greetings

Charles Meintjes